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Saodat Kamalova

Saodat Kamalova is a doctor gerontologist

Saodat Kamalova, the doctor gerontologist, MD, director of “Central Asian Gerontology Center”, the chief gerontologist of Ministry of Health, a member of the Public Council of the Republic of Tajikistan.

She is lobbying the interests of older people in the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing. In 2010 the executive in charge of the “National Report on Aging in Tajikistan”, the initiator of gerontological services in the country, works to improve skills in the field of gerontology in families of physicians, nurses, social workers.

Re-socialization of older people carried out through the creation of social clubs, self-help groups, non-formal education of the elderly. In 2012 she was a member of the Ministerial Conference on Ageing in Vienna as a reporter.