Experts // Coordinational Committee

Alexander V. Sidorenko

Chairman of the Coordination Committee, Senior Advisor, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Vienna)

Goodwill Ambassador of the HelpAge International non-governmental organization (London, Great Britain); Expert of the International Institute on Ageing, UN-Malta (INIA); Senior Advisor, European Center of Social Studies and Politics (Vienna, Austria); Member of the Consulting Board on the development of a Research program on ageing for EU countries; Member of the Board of Trustees of the World Demographic Association (St. Gallen, Switzerland).

Formerly – Head of the Population Section of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (2010); headed the UN Program on Ageing (1988-2009; Vienna – New York), coordinated the preparation and holding of the Second World Assembly on Ageing (2002, Madrid, Spain) and a number of international events for its implementation.