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Vladyslav Bezrukov

Vladyslav Viktorovych Bezrukov is a Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) of Ukraine, elected in the speciality of gerontology (2011)

Mr.Bezrukov is a Doctor of Medical Sciences (1983); Professor (1998); Honoured Scientist of Ukraine (1998); Laureate of the N.D. Strazhesko Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Laureate of the T. I. Yeroshevsky Prize (Russian Federation, 2001); Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2003 р.); Director of the Institute of Gerontology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (since 1988); Head of the Laboratory of Social Gerontology; Head of the Laboratory of Physiology of the above institute.

He is a well-known scientist in the field of physiology of ageing. His main research interests include: physiology of aging (study of changes in the neurohumoral blood flow regulation, endothelium dysfunction, hypothalamic mechanisms of ageing, age-related specifics of the hypothalamic regulation of vegetative and endocrine functions, role of hypothalamic disturbances in the onset of age-dependent pathology, hypothalamic influences on life span) and social gerontology (studies of longevity phenomenon, accelerated ageing of the population in Ukraine, socio-hygienic factors in the development of age-dependent diseases, evaluation of health status and assessment of needs in various forms of medical and social care for older people).

V.V. Bezrukov is the author of nearly 450 scientific works, including 19 monographs and handbooks, and 3 author’s certificates. He has supervised 4 doctors of sciences and 10 candidates of sciences.

V.V. Bezrukov is the President of the Ukrainian Gerontology and Geriatrics Society; a member of the Governing Boards of the International and European Associations of Gerontology and Geriatricsж a Honorary Member of the National Gerontological Society of the Russian Federation and of the National Gerontological Society of Romania. He serves as a Chairperson of the Specialized Council of the Institute of Gerontology of AMS of Ukraine. He also serves as a WHO adviser; a Chairperson of the Commission of the State Pharmaceutical Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; a member of the Board of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine; an Editor-in-chief of the journal “Problems of ageing and longevity”; and a member of the editorial boards of several national and international journals.
He is a recipient of the medals “In commemoration of 1500 years of Kiev” and “Labour Veteran”.